How do I qualify?


Before you enter Strong Blocks 21-month rent-to-own program, you will need to answer the questions below.  The answers will help your team of experts develop a Buying Plan with you:

  • Do you have a source of steady income?
  • Have you recently filed for bankruptcy?
  • Do you owe any landlord money?
  • Do you owe WE Energies money not already in a payment plan?
  • Have you recently had a foreclosure or short sale?
  • Do you have available or can you raise $3,500?
  • How much student loan debt do you owe? 

We work with Friends of Housing to help you get qualified and the Housing Counseling agencies below to help you establish your Buying Plan, improve your finances, and prepare for your home purchase.  You choose the agency that becomes part of your team.



Get started today by completing the pre-qualification questions now.