Strong Blocks buys, remodels, and offers properties in north side neighborhoods nearby Downtown Milwaukee to local residents.  We feature rent to own homes in Milwaukee as part of our 21-month rent to own Milwaukee homeownership program.  However, we also have traditional rental opportunities.  You can schedule a showing of any of the available units we have to offer by clicking here, clicking below, or calling 414-422-8894.

Schedule showing with Milwaukee Rent to Own Program or Rental Housing

  • As a renter, after you get qualified as a tenant, you will be able to rent an available unit that is offered as traditional rental opportunities by signing a lease and paying your first-month rent and security deposit.
  • If you are offered a home for our rent to own program, you may want to hire a home inspector or consult with a friend who knows about homeownership and renovation projects so you are sure about the condition of the home you plan to buy.
  • We can make upgrades and customize your rent to own home.  However, if you would like us to make any changes to the home, it may require that we change the sale price and/or the rent amount that is advertised.  These changes must be negotiated with Strong Blocks.