Review our 21-Month Program Guidelines and Gather your Homeownership Documents TODAY

Find out if the 21-month rent to own program is right for you, the application process, and what documents you need to qualify for homeownership. We have a set of criteria we require to be eligible for consideration. Here are some of our requirements (same for traditional rentals):

    • Your combined household's monthly gross income should be at least three (3) times the rental rate.
    • Your We Energies account needs to be current or you must be enrolled in a payment play on any past due amounts.
    • No evictions filed against you in the last 3 years.
    • You cannot owe any of your landlords from the last 7 years.
    • We run a full background and credit check on each person over the age of 18; each resident over the age of 18 must therefore submit their own application and application fee.

Download this document checklist to help you:

  1. Know if you meet the current program guidelines
  2. Understand each step of the application process and the timeline
  3. Decide which documents apply to you and your family
  4. Keep these important Homeownership Documents organized