Rent-to-own Milwaukee: LEARN HOW TO QUALIFY

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The qualification process for our rent to own homes in Milwaukee as well as our traditional rental units can take about a week after you've submitted a complete application, but depends on how quickly you can gather important documents and reply to our leasing team if any follow up questions. Ownership is also a much bigger commitment towards your financial goals and stability. You must have already decided that you would rather own instead of rent. Hopefully, you’ve already learned what Strong Blocks is all about and the benefits of our 21-month rent-to-own program.  

You will need to complete your application for a specific property or for a future property under renovation, all found on our properties webpage, and upload a picture of your ID, social security card, and proof of income inside the online application. Each person in the household 18-years old or older will have to complete a separate application and is required to pay the $25 application fee, which you can be paid within each online application, and is used for the cost of the background and credit check.  

AS A RENTER-ONLY APPLICANT, the application approval guidelines are the same as for RENT TO OWN APPLICANTS, but with Rent to Own Applicants, you will be a renter and an owner, so you also need to completely understand each aspect of our homeownership program using the following steps as a guide.

  1. Click here to download your Pre-Qualification Checklist.  Please review this so you understand the process of qualifying as a renter and initial documents we use to help guide you towards homeownership.
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  2. Complete an application after you've selected a property from our available properties webpage that qualifies for our 21-month rent to own program (or select the option of a Future Rent to Own Home currently under renovation).  After our credit and background check you'll be required to submit any documents that you did not already submit in your online application (QUICK TIP: uploading your documents to your online application saves a LOT of time on your application process).  The full list of documents that may apply to you and your family are included in our Pre-Qualification Checklist.  These additional documents can be emailed to, or copies can be dropped off in our secure mail slot on our office door at 3331 W Lisbon Ave. 

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  3. Once your application is "pre-approved", you'll schedule your private showing with Strong Blocks of the home you selected or as soon as the next available Future Rent to Own Home that meets your criteria is available for showings.

  4. Once your approved and have completed your showing and selected the property you like, you'll schedule your Rent to Own Overview Meeting with Strong Blocks to learn what, if any, additional paperwork you need to qualify, learn more about the cost of renting vs. owning your new home, and to assess if you, the property, and our 21-month rent to own program are a good fit.  The overview meeting typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your questions and afterwards you'll be provided with the detailed overview packet, draft buying plan, and financial details on your selected property. 

  5. Submit your remaining documents to get final approval and make your final decision on the home, program, terms, and move in date. 

  6. Sign your lease and pay your Application Deposit (equal to one month of rent) to hold the property until your scheduled move in date.

  7. Sign your final rent to own documents and pay balance on move in costs to get your keys and move in.


RENT TO OWN OR IF RENTING ONLY: Application with Strong Blocks

PRIOR TO BECOMING AN OWNER, we ask that you consider working directly with one or more of the following three financial coaching and Homebuyer Counseling Agencies,


We will also likely connect you to one or more of the following financial institutions that currently work with our rent to own program,

PyraMax_Bank_logo.jpgJohnson_Bank_logo.jpeg Associated_Bank

You will always be free to choose any financial coach and lender.  The program partners above are working currently with families in the program and many thousands of others to become homeowners each year.

READY TO APPLY? Click below to start your application on an available property or a Future Rent to Own Home currently under renovation.

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